• La filosofia.

The Nada philosophy

To capture the purity of the scents and flavours of this bountiful land of ours in a glass bottle - that was Bruno Nada’s idea in 1982.
It was the brainwave of a pioneer and it’s more topical than ever today.

It’s with the same aim of transferring the stylistic purity of each of our vineyards to the glass that we cultivate our vines today. We do so with...

Love and respect for the land, hence:

  • natural soil nutrition;
  • enhancement of biodiversity through natural cover cropping;
  • no herbicides and other invasive vine protection products;
  • rediscovery of old practices such as hand-hoeing.

Love of the wines from every single vineyard:

  • huge care and attention to the optimal quality of the grapes from each single vine;
  • manual harvesting and the perfect unhurried ripening of the grapes, which all belong to us;
  • separate vinification for each single parcel;
  • soft pressing of the grapes;
  • fermentation in which maceration follows its own natural cycle without forcing;
  • long ageing, first in wood, then in the bottle.

La filosofia.