• Il vino si tinge di luna. Ogni giorno che passa.

  • "Enhancement of biodiversity".

    "Enhancement of biodiversity"

  • "Manual harvesting and the perfect unhurried ripening of the grapes".

    "Manual harvesting and the perfect unhurried ripening of the grapes"

  • <p>&quot;Separate vinification for each single parcel"&quot;.</p>

    "Separate vinification for each single parcel"

  • "Long ageing of the wines".

    "Long ageing of the wines"

The territory

The family live and work in the Langa hills in the northwest Italian region of Piedmont, famous for its great wines and white Alba truffles.

The philosophy

To capture the purity of the scents and flavours of this bountiful land of ours in a glass bottle - that was Bruno Nada’s idea in 1982. It was the brainwave of a pioneer and it’s more topical than ever today.


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On Thursday December 7th 2017, will take place the new “Barbaresco a Tavola” edition. A blind tasting of the Barbarescos 2014 in the local restaurants. Coming soon.